Sentinel-2 MSI User Guide - Level-0 Product

The Level-0 product is compressed raw image data in Instrument Source Packet (ISP) format. It forms the basis of the subsequent Level-1 production. Like the Level-1B product, a Level-0 product is a 25 km across track by 23 km along track granule. An average orbit will contain approximately 3,500 Level-1B granules. The Level-0 product consists of:

  • a metadata structure describing the Level-0 product
  • a consistent set of annotated ISPs corresponding to the compressed image data
  • the relevant annotated ancillary source packets

The ancillary source packets contain the ancillary data required for onward processing to higher product levels, in particular, the information required to compute the associated geometric model. This ancillary data will include time correlation data (sampled at 1 Hz), ephemeris and attitude data, and thermal data.

The Level-0 product is not released to Users.

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