Super-pixel processing module

The SYN AOD algorithm is performed on super-pixel resolution of 4.5 kmĀ². This super-pixel image grid is created from OLCI image grid by combining 15 x 15 OLCI pixels.

The inputs of SYN AOD processing are the SYN L1c datasets, i.e. the whole OLCI and SLSTR L1 parameters projected on the OLCI instrument grid. To avoid issue at the OLCI camera interface, the first step is then to re-project this dataset on the OLCI image grid.

The second step is to pay attention of the flags and classification of each pixel to define:

-   If a super-pixel should be considered as land or sea
-   If a super-pixel should be considered as too cloudy to perform an aerosol retrieval over this super-pixel

Once this verification has been done, an averaging of parameters over all valid, clear sky pixels is performed.

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