Minimize Sentinel-3 Synergy Processing Baseline

The following table summarises the evolutions of the processing baseline used to process SYN data since October 2018 for SYN-A and February 2019.

Reference is made to the product notices issued for each release (available on Sentinel Online, in the SYN document library.

This document describes the Sentinel-3 SYN Data Hub Availability.

Processing Baseline

IPF Version


Date of deployment

2.51 / 1.23

SY2: 06.17
SY2_VGP: 06.16
SY2_VGS: 06.07

  • Corrections of
    • Synergy wrong generation of values
    • Typo in some SYN VGT-P /VGT-S attributes
    • SY_2_SYN products missing SLSTR oblique scans
    • SY_2_VGK products with wrong footprint


2.44 / 1.16

SY2: 06.16
SY2_VGP: 06.16

  • New IDEPIX cloud flags now used in VGT-P/K products
  • Correction of AG variable (T550) over ocean set to zero instead of fill value
  • Correction of NDVI set to 0 instead of _FillValue over ocean in VG products
  • Improving VGS composite method



SY2: 06.15
SY2_VGS: 06.06

  • First version



Sentinel-3A Synergy Processing Baseline 2018-2019 Timeline

Sentinel-3 Syn Processing Baseline 2018 timeline

Sentinel-3B Synergy Processing Baseline 2019 Timeline