Synergy Level 2 AOD Auxiliary Data Files

The 5 ADFs used in the SYNERGY Level 2 Global Aerosol processor share common characteristics. They are:

  • Internal
  • Static
  • NetCDF4 format
  • Updated infrequently

These ADFs control particular aspects:

  • The Processing Control Parameter File (SY_2_PCPAAX) contains the L2 processor configuration parameters.
  • The NTC Atmospheric Radiative Transfer LUT Data File (SY_2_ART_AX) provides the inversion parameters to convert Top of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectances to bottom of the atmosphere or surface directional reflectance (SDR) assuming a specific atmospheric state. It has to be noted that this ADF is close to the SLSTR NRT one but including one additional channel.
  • The NTC Ocean Surface Reflectance LUT Data File (SY_2_OSR_AX) provides information about sun glint and sky glint reflectance as well as ocean leaving radiation due to yellow substance content.
  • The spectral component of the SYN retrieval requires two basic component spectra representative for the main spectral feature in a certain area. In order to allow easy future evolution these two component spectra are provided as a spatially and temporally variable table, included in the SYNERGY L2 NTC Land spectral reflectance Look-up Table Data File (SY_2_LSR_AX).
  • The SYNERGY L2 NTC Aerosol climatology Data File (SY_2_ACLMAX) provides information on the global spatial and temporal distribution of aerosol properties.
  • The IERS Bulletin B (2000 format) (AX___BB2_AX) used for the Time Correlation.

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