Aerosol Retrieval

Aerosol properties are retrieved pixel-wise for the SYN averaged data. The algorithm can consider up to 40 different aerosol models, but it is sufficient to use a subset of aerosol models only. The aerosol models actually used for the retrieval are defined in auxiliary data.

The pixel-wise retrieval of aerosol properties is illustrated in the figure below.

Logical flow of the SYN Level-2 Aerosol Retrieval

The retrieval algorithm employs the Brent and Powell methods for univariate and multivariate minimisation, respectively.

Aerosol properties for pixels in the SYN averaged grid where the retrieval algorithm failed or was not applicable (i.e. water, clouds) have to be filled thanks to valid data from neighbouring pixels. A cosmetic filling process, based on a weighted average of the valid neighbours, is then included in SYNERGY L2 SDR processing.

If the number of valid neighbours is not sufficient to perform this average, climatological data from the CAMS reanalysis is then taken into account.


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