Ocean Quality and Science Flags

The ocean quality and science flags are provided by a specific annotations file named wqsf.nc.

The following table provides the main characteristics of this variable including coverage, parameter ID, time latency, sampling and bands used in the associated product. The ancillary and auxiliary data provides the variables used during processing and are provided by Auxiliary Data Files (ADFs).

Flag Name Water Classification, Quality and Science Flags Flag Description
Classification and Quality Flags
INVALID Invalid flag: instrument data missing or invalid
WATER Clear sky water
LAND Clear sky land
CLOUD Cloudy pixel
CLOUD_AMBIGUOUS Potentially cloudy pixels
CLOUD_MARGIN A margin around CLOUD and CLOUD_AMBIGUOUS of 2 pixels in RR and 4 pixels in FR products
SNOW_ICE Possible sea-ice or snow contamination
INLAND_WATER Fresh inland waters flag: based on Level-1 land_water flag
TIDAL Pixel is in shallow water: based on Level-1 land_water flag
COSMETIC Cosmetic flag (from Level-1B): missing data filled in by interpolation
SUSPECT Suspect flag (from Level-1B): transmission errors means measurements may be unreliable
HISOLZEN High solar zenith: ?s > 70°
SATURATED Saturation flag: saturated within any band from 400 to 754 nm or in bands 779, 865, 885 and 1020 nm
MEGLINT Flag for pixels corrected for glint (see ATBD SD-03-C09 for details)
RISKGLINT Flag for pixels for which the glint correction is not reliable (see ATBD SD-03-C09 for details)
WHITECAPS Whitecaps flag: see ATBD SD-03-C06 for details
ADJAC Meaningless - reserved for future use
WVFAIL The water vapour retrieval algorithm failed
PAR_FAIL PAR calculation failed. Internal flag is OC_PAR_FAIL
ACFAIL Atmospheric correction is suspect
OC4ME_FAIL OC4Me algorithm failed
OCNN_FAIL IMT NN algorithm failed
KDM_ FAIL KDM07 algorithm failed
KDL_ FAIL KDL05 algorithm failed
Science Flags
BPAC_ON BWAC was switched on and attempted: see ATBD SD-03-C08 for details
WHITE_SCATT "White" scatterer flag within the water: see ATBD SD-03-C08 for details
LOWRW (p'w(b, j, f) < R560MIN) or HIINLD_F raised
HIGHRW High RW at 560nm or CASE2_F raised
ANNOT Annotation flag for the quality of the atmospheric correction (see OLCI DPM)
RWNEG Provides a "negative water-leaving reflectance" flag for each water-leaving reflectance ban