Level-2 Products Description

In Level-2 processing, the products output for a given pixel depend on whether the pixel was identified as cloud, water or land. Cloudy pixels are discarded, whereas both water and land pixels undergo specific processing (OLCI ocean or land processing). The main difference between Sentinel-3 and MERIS in this respect is the estimation of errors, which shall be provided with every product. Two kinds of products have to be distinguished: OL_2_WFR/OL_2_WRR for water parameters (acquired on full and reduced resolution respectively) and OL_2_LFR/OL_2_LRR for land parameters.

Definition of All OLCI Level-2 Parameters
Product Name Parameter Name
Marine and inland waters products
OLCI water-leaving reflectance (16 bands) Rxxx
OLCI water inherent optical properties
- CDM absorption coefficient ADG443
OLCI Ocean Colour products
- Algal pigment concentration CHL
- Total Suspended Matter concentration TSM
- Diffuse Attenuation coefficient KD490
OLCI Atmosphere by-products
- Photosynthetically Active Radiation PAR
- Aerosol optical depth T865
- Aerosol Angstrom exponent A865
- Integrated water vapour column IWV
Land products
Surface products
- OLCI Global Vegetation Index and rectified reflectances OGVI, RC681, RC865
- OLCI Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index OTCI
Atmosphere by-products
- OLCI Integrated Water vapour column IWV

All OLCI Level-2 products are encapsulated in free-standing netCDF product files. These files are collected in a SAFE container along with any additional information required by the SAFE format. All fields are stored in byte, short or long integer variable arrays. Each variable has a number of additional variable attributes defining a longer descriptive version of the variable name and, where appropriate, units, an offset, scale factor, maximum and minimum valid values, and a fill value to be used in place of missing data.


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