Land Products Quality and Science Flags

The land quality and science flags are provided by a specific annotations file.

The following table provides the main characteristics of this variable including coverage, parameter ID, time latency, sampling and bands used in the associated product. The ancillary and auxiliary data provides the variables used during processing and are provided in Auxiliary Data Files (ADFs).

Flag Name Flag Description
Classification and Quality Flags
INVALID Invalid flag: instrument data missing or invalid
WATER Clear sky water
LAND Clear sky land
CLOUD Cloudy pixel
CLOUD_AMBIGUOUS Potentially cloudy pixels
CLOUD_MARGIN A margin around CLOUD and CLOUD_AMBIGUOUS of 2 pixels in RR and 4 pixels in FR products
SNOW_ICE Possible sea-ice or snow contamination
INLAND_WATER Fresh inland waters flag: based on Level-1 land_water flag
TIDAL Pixel is in shallow waterm based on Level-1 land_water flag
COSMETIC Cosmetic flag (from Level-1B): missing data filled in by interpolation
SUSPECT Suspect flag (from Level-1B): transmission errors means measurements may be unreliable
HISOLZEN High solar zenith: ?s 70°
SATURATED Saturation flag: saturated within any band from 400 to 754 nm or in bands 779, 865, 885 and 1020 nm
WVFAIL Suspect values derived for the water vapour over land: see ATBD SD-03-C02 for details. Set when the following internal flags are raised: ORINPWV_F or OROUTWV_F or L_WV_FAIL
OGVI_FAIL Suspect values derived for the OGVI (FAPAR): see ATBD SD-03-C13 for details - set when the following internal flags are raised: ORINP1_F or OROUT1_F
OTCI_FAIL Suspect values derived for the OTCI: see ATBD for SD-03-C14 details - set when the following internal flags are raised: ORINP2_F (OTCI input out of range) or OROUT2_F (OTCI output out of range) or LRAYFAIL_F (problems deriving Rayleigh reflectance)
Science Flags
LRAYFAIL Problems deriving the Rayleigh reflectance over the land: see ATBD SD-03-C15 for details
OGVI_CLASS_BAD Flag bad data from OGVI spectral tests
OGVI_CLASS_WS Flag water or deep shadow from OGVI spectral tests
OGVI_CLASS_CSI Flag Cloud, snow or ice from OGVI spectral tests
OGVI_CLASS_BRIGHT Flag bright from OGVI spectral tests
OGVI_CLASS_INVAL_REC Flag invalid rectification
OTCI_BAD_IN Input data bad quality: (at least one of B12, B11, B10 is not Valid) or (B12-B11)<Threshold1 or (B11-B10)<Threshold2
OTCI_CLASS_ANG View angle flag: OTCI_CLASS_IN OK AND view angle> Threshold (TBD) AND sun angle > Threshold (TBD)
OTCI_CLASS_CLSN Cloud and snow flag: input data quality flag OK but cloud shadow or partial snow 


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