Minimize Level-0 Product Description

The Level-0 product is an output from Level-0 processing and is an internal product only. It is not available to users and is considered only as an input to Level-1 processing.

There are two types of Level-0 products: calibration products and science products.

The  Level-0 products contain  all the raw data (Instrument Source Packets) expressed in instrument engineering units, not in international system (SI) units. The main function of the Level-0 processing chain is to extract and decode the ISP raw data and convert it to international system units. The data in ISPs is categorised and packaged according to its type:

  • TM_ACQ: telemetry packets generated during acquisition mode
  • TM_CAL1: telemetry packets generated during CAL1 calibration mode
  • TM_CAL2: telemetry packets generated during CAL2 calibration mode
  • TM_ECHO_LRM: telemetry packets generated during LRM tracking mode
  • TM_ECHO_SAR: telemetry packets generated during SAR tracking mode.

The Level-0 products contain the date and geolocation of the measurements on the satellite. L1 processing  chain corrects the date and time of the measurements and locates these measurements on the Earth (see datation and geolocation).