Level 2 Products

Sentinel-1 SAR Technical Guide - Level 2 Products

Level-2 consists of geo-located geophysical products derived from Level-1. There is only one standard Level-2 product for wind, wave and currents applications - the Level-2 Ocean (OCN) product. The OCN product may contain the following geophysical components derived from the SAR data:

OCN products are generated from all four Sentinel-1 imaging modes. From SM mode, the OCN product will contain all three components. From IW and EW modes, the OCN product will only contain OWI and RVL. From WV modes, the OCN product will only contain OSW and RVL.

For further details on the Sentinel-1 Level-2 product formats, please refer to the Sentinel-1 Product Definition and the Product Specification.

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