Level-0 Raw Products

Level-0 SAR products contain the raw SAR data from the unprocessed Instrument Source Packets (ISP).
Level-0 products are sub-divided into four product classes:

  • SAR Level-0 standard products
  • SAR Level-0 calibration products
  • SAR Level-0 noise products
  • SAR Level-0 annotation products.


Standard Level-0 products represent the stream of ISPs containing SAR echo, calibration or noise signal. Level-0 calibration products represent the calibration pulses as extracted from the SAR ISPs stream. Level-0 noise products represent the noise and noise-equivalent (or travelling) pulses as extracted from the SAR ISPs stream. Level-0 annotations products contain the primary and secondary headers extracted from the SAR ISPs stream.

Raw data products are generated from the SENTINEL-1 image modes:

  • Stripmap Mode (SM)
  • Interferometric Wide Swath Mode (IW)
  • Extra Wide Swath mode (EW)
  • Wave Mode (WV).

Raw data products are also generated from the SENTINEL-1 calibration modes:

  • RF Characterisation Mode (RFC)
  • Elevation Notch Acquisition Mode (EN)
  • Azimuth Notch Acquisition Mode (AN).

Only the standard products from the SM, IW, and EW modes will be distributed by the PDGS.

Level-0 products may include data in single polarisation mode (HH or VV) or, for SM, IW and EW modes, they may include dual polarisation modes (HH+HV or VV+VH). For dual polarisation data, data for each polarisation are available in separate files within the Level-0 product.

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