Orbit Comparisons

Sentinel-2 MSI Technical Guide - Orbit comparisons

The operational Sentinel-2 AUX_RESORB solutions from the CPOD Service are compared here against the combined solution (COMB), which is computed as a weighted mean of several external solutions provided by the CPOD QWG.

In the following figures, the position accuracy of each orbit solution is shown (in 2D or 3D RMS depending on the requirement). Each figure is presented along with the distribution of the obtained accuracy metrics, where the percentiles of these metrics are calculated for different thresholds.

The period of time for AUX_RESORB products correspond to the latest RSR report . Orbit comparisons considered as outliers (i.e., those mostly generated from periods of time with manoeuvres or data gaps) have been filtered-out from the statistics shown below.



Figure 1: Sentinel-2 AUX_RESORB products – Orbit comparisons against COMB solution [3D RMS; cm] (the accuracy requirement expressed as 1-sigma, if appears, is shown with a blue line; vertical lines indicate periods of manoeuvres or data gaps)


Table 1: Sentinel-2 AUX_RESORB products – Accuracy percentiles (they are calculated from the orbit comparisons against COMB solution [3D RMS])

Product Accuracy
Threshold Percentage Fulfilment
3 cm 65.10% 65.97%
5 cm 97.60% 97.20%
10 cm 99.85% 99.57%
50 cm 100.00% 99.94%
100 cm 100.00% 100.00%


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