An unplanned maintenance of the Sentinels data distribution infrastructure has been required starting on 26 September at 11:49 UTC, resulting in a downtime of the Data Hub Services.

The teams that will fly Sentinel-5P are training intensively for launch, ensuring that everyone knows their job and can react to any emergency.
Engineers have been at Russia's Plesetsk launch site for a month now, ticking off the jobs on the ‘to do' list so that the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite is fit and ready for liftoff on 13 October. With the satellite now fuelled, the team has passed another milestone.
As a result of a ground segment anomaly, the publication of Sentinel-2B products in the Sentinel-2B PreOps Hub has been temporarily interrupted since the evening of 22 September, starting for products acquired from approximately 22:00 UTC.

Nearly 100 young scientists from 30 countries recently gathered at the Szent István University in Hungary, to attend a training course on land applications using satellite data and tools.

In this special edition of the Earth from Space video programme, Pepijn Veefkind from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute discusses the Tropomi instrument on the Sentinel-5P satellite, set for launch on 13 October.
An app that uses satellite imagery to give flight travellers an interactive, bird's-eye view of their routes took the top prize at this year's Space App Camp at ESA's centre in Frascati, Italy.

With liftoff set for 13 October, engineers at Russia's Plesetsk launch site are steaming ahead with the task of getting Europe's next Copernicus satellite ready for its journey into orbit.

Accurate characterisation of snow melting enables a better understanding of hydrological conditions. The Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites can be used to provide such information in a timely fashion. They help to improve maps that show which areas are susceptible to increased water run-off, therefore contributing to flood risk management.

In the Sentinel-5P cleanroom

13 September 2017

In this special edition of the Earth from Space video programme, Sentinel-5P Project Manager Kevin McMullan and Sentinel-5P Mission Manager Claus Zehner discuss their roles in the mission, the unique Tropomi instrument and the kind of data it will deliver.

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Share your stories

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