Further to the news of 20 December related to a Sentinel-3A OLCI anomaly, users are informed that nominal acquisitions resumed on 20 December 2016, 11:48 UTC.

Sentinel App season update

20 December 2016

A new update of the ESA Sentinel App is coming soon. The latest changes have brought us the acquisition plans and swath animations for Sentinel-1A, Sentinel-1B and Sentinel-2A, a powerful visualisation of Sentinel product availability on the geographic and temporal dimensions, the highlights of the Sentinel-1 mission achievements and even a more complete picture of the satellite surroundings in the 3D model section, with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the stars now visible.

Sentinel-3A OLCI anomaly

20 December 2016

Due to an instrument anomaly, the quality of Sentinel-3A OLCI L1 products has been degraded since 18 December 2016, 17:43.

A new version of the Sentinel-3 Altimetry Technical Guide is now available and provides an in-depth description of the products, algorithms and instrument performance for the mission's Altimetry component.

The Sentinel-2 satellite of the Copernicus Programme is proving to benefit land and urban monitoring, with its high resolution and repetitive coverage.

ESA is pleased to announce the first official release of Sentinel-3A OLCI Level 1 Non Time Critical (NTC) data products in the Sentinel Data Hub. Please note that the Sentinel-3A OLCI Level 1 Near Real Time (NRT) data were already released on 20 October 2016.

ESA is pleased to announce the first official release of Sentinel-3A SRAL Level 1B and Level 2 Land data products in the Sentinel Data Hub.

Sentinels down under

09 December 2016

The European Union's Sentinel satellites, developed and operated by ESA, will play a critical role in Australia's efforts to manage its vast land and marine environment.

Referring to the news of 29 November announcing the new Sentinel-2 Level-1C products format, ESA is pleased to confirm that the distribution of the new format is effective on all new products since sensing orbit 7608 included, acquired on 06 December 2016.

Please be informed that due to ground segment maintenance activities at EUMETSAT from 6 to 8 December 2016, daily from 07:30 to 17:30 UTC, there will be a risk of data dissemination interruption for all Sentinel-3A products.

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Share your stories

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Calling on all interested users of Sentinel data, who would like to submit their results, turning their experiences into 'success stories'.

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