We are pleased to announce the release of a new processing baseline [2.79-A and 1.57-B] for Copernicus Sentinel-3 concerning the following products:

  • OL_2_LFR in NRT and NTC timeliness


Information about the changes and the characterisation of the new L2 Land products is available in the following product notice:


The new processing baseline has been released on the 16th of December 2021.

The latest release of the OLCI L2 Land products includes two new evolutions:

  • The OLCI Global Vegetation Index (OGVI) product has been renamed according to its scientific definition: Green Instantaneous Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Available Radiation (GIFAPAR)

  • All variables containing uncertainty estimates associated to geophysical products have been renamed to better reflect their content: var_err is renamed as var_unc, where var is any geophysical product.

The content of the product is otherwise unchanged and remains fully consistent with the previous Processing Baseline.

Both evolutions are detailed in the Product Notice accompanying the release.

ESA is pleased to announce that the new Sentinel-2 Processing Baseline 04.00 will be deployed on 25 January 2022. The details of the transition will be provided at a later stage, in advance of the deployment.

With reference to the news published on 27 October 2021, ESA is also pleased to provide additional Level-1C and Level-2A products featuring the upcoming processing baseline PB 04.00 in order to allow users to further familiarise with the updated format.

Sentinel-2 Level-1C and Level-2A products of the new processing baseline, along with the corresponding products of the current processing baseline, are available for browsing and download from:


The dataset can be accessed using the following credentials:


username: s2tds
password: s2tds2021


The new Sentinel-2 baseline products are discoverable using the following search criteria: processingbaseline:79.90 whereas corresponding products of the current processing baseline are discoverable using the processingbaseline:03.* search criteria.


It is highlighted that the provided sample products of the new baseline have the following specifics, which will not be present in operational deployment of PB 04.00:

  • Products of the upcoming processing baseline have been tagged purposely PB 79.90, instead of 04.00

  • In the new sample products, the "failed" tag reported in the L2A Format Correctness Report in the L2A tiles shall be ignored, as the quality masks of the sample products are actually correct

  • In the L2A tile metadata, the quality masks are wrongly listed as gml files (.gml) files while they are correctly provided as JPEG files (.JP2). Therefore, the gml extension as listed in the L2A tile metadata shall be ignored.

Due to Copernicus Sentinel-3A orbit correction manoeuvre, SLSTR IR, MWR, SRAL, DORIS products degradation is expected for sensing time from 15/12/2021T07:29:18 to 15/12/2021T08:03:50 and also SLSTR VIS from 15/12/2021T07:29:18 to 15/12/2021T07:31:06.

Due to Copernicus Sentinel-3A SRAL annual calibration on 17 December 2021, SRAL production unavailability is expected for sensing time from 17/12/2021 20:21:20 to 17/12/2021 20:22:50

A routine decontamination activity of the Copernicus Sentinel-2B MSI is planned to take place over a continuous period of 24 hours between 09:00 UTC on 13 December 2021 and 09:00 on 14 December (corresponding approximately to the period between absolute orbits 24915 to 24929). During this temporal window no MSI acquisitions will take place.

Correlated calibration activities will be performed around the decontamination period, which will further affect the nominal acquisition plan between 00:10 UTC on 13 December and 07:40 on 15 December.

Due to a Copernicus Sentinel-3A orbit correction manoeuvre, degradation of SLSTR Level-1/ Level-2 products is expected for sensing times from 02:55:19 to 03:07:31 on 7 December 2021.

Due to a Copernicus Sentinel-3A orbit correction manoeuvre, degradation of SLSTR Level-1/ Level-2 products is expected for sensing times from 02:50:27 to 03:01:01 on 3 December 2021.

Due to a Copernicus Sentinel-3B orbit correction manoeuvre on 1 December 2021, a degradation in SLSTR Level-1/ Level-2 products is expected for sensing times from 08:15:46 to 08:25:34 on 1 December.

ESA is pleased to announce the release of the Copernicus Sentinel-5P Ozone Profile products on the Copernicus Sentinel-5P Data Hub. The products are available in Near Real Time and Offline timeliness.

Product details and quality information about the Ozone Profile product are available in the Products and Algorithms page.

The new products are currently available starting from the following periods:

  • OFFL: orbit 21207, 16 November 2021
  • NRTI: orbit 21325, 24 November 2021

Copernicus Sentinel-1A was unavailable on 19 November 2021 between 06:30 UTC and 08:55 UTC, due to a SAR anomaly.

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