Due to an anomaly in the Copernicus S5P ground segment affecting the production on 2022-11-17/18 there is an unavailability of the NRTI data as follows:

  • L2 NRT CLOUD, O3, SO2 and HCHO presents a gap between orbits 26393 and 26397, the processing has been temporarily halted after orbit 26399

  • L2 NRT AAI, NO2, CO, ALH and O3PR presents a gap between orbits 26397 and 26401. Processing has been resumed after the gap but the products are likely to be affected by product quality degradation.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Further news will be published for following the recovery of the anomaly.

Due to a Copernicus S5P ground segment maintenance activity planned during 2022-11-16 there is a small unavailability of the NRTI processing:

Last orbit processed in NRTI before maintenance: 26385, slice 14

First orbit processed in NRTI after maintenance: 26390, slice 1

There will be no gap in the OFFL processing, all data will be processed.

A maintenance activity aiming at updating the data hub software on POD Hub is foreseen on 17 November from 08:00 to 10:00 UTC.

Due to Copernicus Sentinel-3A Moon calibration, data will be degraded on hereafter products:

  • Copernicus Sentinel-3A SLSTR: products degradation is expected for sensing time from 08/11/2022T 22:34:15 to 08/11/2022T 23:24:45

  • Copernicus Sentinel-3A OLCI: products degradation is expected for sensing time from 08/11/2022T 23:18:48 to 08/11/2022T 23:24:45

  • Copernicus Sentinel-3A SRAL: products degradation is expected for sensing time from 08/11/2022T 22:35:15 to 08/11/2022T 23:06:10

Due to planned maintenance for Land SRAL processing chain, Copernicus Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B NTC SR_2_LAN_HY, SR_2_LAN_LI and SR_2_LAN_SI Products from 02/11/2022T 10:00:00 to 04/11/2022T 10:00:00 UTC will be missing.

Due to predicted outage for Copernicus Sentinel-3A In-Plane manoeuvre, SLSTR products degradation is expected for sensing time from 31/10/2022T 11:15:45 to 31/10/2022T 11:25:35 UTC.

In relation to the anomaly reported in our news of the 30 August 2022 affecting the TCI component of all Sentinel-2A Level-1C products published in the period 23-30 August 2022, we are pleased to notify that the affected products will be corrected in the coming week. The replacement will be carried out as follows :

  • On Friday 21 October 2022, the affected products will be removed from the catalogue. The exhaustive list can be downloaded here.
  • On Monday 24 October 2022, the corrected version of the products will start being ingested into the catalogue, in a gradual process that will complete by Friday 28 October 2022.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to your activities.

Due to predicted outage for Copernicus Sentinel-3B Out-of-Plane Manoeuvre execution, SLSTR products degradation is expected for sensing time from 20/10/2022T 08:35:39 to 20/10/2022T 08:45:43 UTC.

Due to Copernicus Sentinel-5P orbit control manoeuvre (OCM) of 19/10/2022, an impact in the quality of TROPOMI science data is expected from 2022-10-19 at 17.27.04 to 2022-10-19 at 18.11.43 UTC.

A routine decontamination activity of the Sentinel-2A MSI is planned to take place over a continuous period of 24-hours between 7 November 09:00 and 8 November 2022 09:00 UTC (corresponding approximately to the period between absolute orbits 38528 and 38542). During this temporal window no MSI acquisition will take place.

Correlated calibration activities will be performed around the decontamination period that will further affect the nominal acquisition plan between 07/11/2022 01:50 and 09/11/2022 at 07:20 UTC.

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Share your stories

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