Mission Overview

Sentinel-4 mission overview

SENTINEL-4 is a European Earth observation mission developed to support the European Union Copernicus Programme for monitoring the Earth.

The Space Segment of the SENTINEL-4 mission consists of the ‘UVN' imaging spectrometer instrument, which comprises three main units: the Optical Instrument Module (OIM), the Instrument Control Unit (ICU), and the Scanner Driving Electronics (SDE). Two identical SENTINEL-4 instruments (PFM and FM-2) will be embarked, as Customer Furnished Item (CFI), fully verified qualified and calibrated, respectively onto two geostationary MTG-S satellites which will be operated by EUMETSAT. The MTG-S spacecraft carrying the SENTINEL-4 instrument is illustrated in Figure 1, while the mock-up of the SENTINEL-4 OIM is shown in Figure 2.

The Ground Segment of SENTINEL-4, part of the EUMETSAT MTG Core Ground Segment, comprises the following elements:

  1. The SENTINEL-4 Level-1B and Level-2 processors;
  2. The generic and multi-mission supporting functions of the EUMETSAT MTG Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) and the Flight Operations Segment (FOS);
  3. The SENTINEL-4 ground segment system interfaces.

Figure 1: Illustration of the MTG-S spacecraft carrying the SENTINEL-4 instrument.

Figure 2: SENTINEL-4 - Mock-up of the Optical Instrument Module (OIM) unit.

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