Level 0 Science Products

The Level-0 Science product is outputted during Level-0 processing and is an internal product only. It is not available to users and is considered only as an input to Level-1 Science processing.

There are different types of Level-0 science products depending on the operating mode (LRM or SAR) and the band emitted (Ku or C bands).


A SRAL L0 product contains the following science (also called measurement) parameters:

− L0_ECHO_LRM: L0 tracking measurements in LRM mode (20 Hz - Ku and C bands)

− L0_ECHO_SAR_Ku: L0 tracking measurements in SAR mode - Ku band (80 Hz)

− L0_ECHO_SAR_C: L0 tracking measurements in SAR mode - C band (20 Hz)

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