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Subsidence in Tønsberg, Norway

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tonsberg, norway

Title: Subsidence in Tønsberg, Norway

Description: 3D map covered with InSAR measurement points showing subsidence in the Presterød area in Tønsberg, Norway. The dark red points correspond to subsidence of 2 cm/year or more, while the green ones correspond to negligible movement. The figure shows variation in subsidence for buildings and infrastructure in the Presterød area in Tønsberg. Some buildings with green points are not moving, while substantial parts of the area with red points are moving. More studies need to be performed to establish whether some of the buildings with green points have foundation piled into rock.

Copyright: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2018)/processed by InSAR Norway and powered by KSAT-GMS.
Satellite, terrain and map data courtesy of EC Copernicus, ESA, NGU, Norwegian Mapping Authority, Geovekst, Norwegian counties, NASA and USGS.