Minimize Cal/Val Activities - Overview

Sentinel-5P cal/val activities are essential to the quality of the mission. Data quality will be assessed through determination of the radiometric, spatial, spectral and geometric fidelity of the satellite sensor and the accuracy of geophysical products. Three phases of cal/val are foreseen for SENTINEL-5P:

  • Pre-launch phase (D) instrument characterisation and on-ground calibration.
  • A commissioning phase (E1) lasting approximately 6 months will be performed for SENTINEL-5P where all instrument operation aspects will be verified and in-orbit calibration and validation activities will be initiated. Instrument data should be available from approximately 1 month after launch for initial tests and engineering commissioning verification, calibration and validation activities. Once complete, a final validation review authorises data dissemination to end users.
  • An exploitation phase (E2) will then commence extending for the duration of the mission in which cal/val activities will continue for geophysical data products.