Spectral Response Function Data

Sentinel-3 SLSTR - Spectral Response Function Data

The spectral response function of each SLSTR band was measured in the lab pre-launch. The files accessed by the links below contain the measured spectral responses of the nine standard channels S1 - S9 in the focal plane of the SLSTR FM02 instrument on board the Sentinel-3A satellite, and the SLSTR PFM instrument on board the Sentinel-3B satellite.

The responses of the fire channels F1 and F2 are identical to the responses of standard channels S7 and S8. The responses are derived from measurements taken during spectral calibration campaigns conducted at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in July and August 2014 (for Sentinel-3A) and February 2016 (for Sentinel-3B).

The results of those measurements are described in these technical notes:

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