Product Types and Processing Levels

SENTINEL-1 SAR Product Types and Processing Levels

Sentinel-1 data products acquired in SM, IW and EW mode which are generated by the PDGS operationally are distributed at three levels of processing.

Level-1 products can be one of two product types - either Single Look Complex (SLC) or Ground Range Detected (GRD). Level-2 Ocean (OCN) products can have different components available depending on the acquisition mode.

Products are designated based on their acquisition mode, product type and in the case of Level-1 GRD also its resolution.

All products are processed directly from the Level-0 product. Each mode can potentially generate Level-1 SLC, Level-1 GRD and Level-2 Ocean products. For WV mode, the Level-0 products are not distributed; the access to WV_SLC product has been possible since 2016. 

Figure 1: Product Levels From Modes

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