Sentinel-1 SAR Product Types and Processing Levels - Level-0

The SAR Level-0 products consist of compressed and unfocused SAR raw data. Level-0 products are the basis from which all other high level products are produced.

Level-0 data is compressed using Flexible Dynamic Block Adaptive Quantization (FDBAQ) which provides a variable bit rate coding that increases the number of bits allocated to bright scatterers. For the data to be usable, it will need to be decompressed and processed using focusing software.

Level-0 data includes noise, internal calibration and echo source packets as well as orbit and attitude information.

Level-0 products are stored in the long term archives. They can be processed to generate any type of product during the mission lifetime and for 25 years after the end of the space segment operations.

Level-0 products are available to data users for only the SM, IW and EW modes.

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