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Evolution of the Nyiragongo crater

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Title: Evolution of the Nyiragongo crater








Animation of SAR module images showing the evolution of Nyiragongo volcano crater. From left to right: Sentinel-1 images acquired in ascending orbit, COSMO-SkyMed images acquired in ascending orbit and Sentinel-1 images acquired in descending orbits.




The three animations are not displaying synchronous sequences (see dates in lower left insets). The shadow cast by surrounding rims is used to measure the lava lake level changes and the increase of elevation of the bottom of the crater due to successive lava lake overflow or from lava flows emitted by the new eruptive cone that opened in March 2016, on the bottom of the crater. This cone growth is visible in the Sentinel-1 descending animation.




Copyright: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2016) / processed by RESIST




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