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Copernicus Sentinel-3 shows chlorophyll index

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Title: Copernicus Sentinel-3 shows chlorophyll index


Collected on 14 September 2018, these scenes depict OTCI (OLCI Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index) on the East of Canada. Taken only 31 seconds apart (the tandem configuration is designed to understand any subtle differences between the instruments on the two satellites, as measurements of Earth's surface should be identical given the short time interval), this tandem phase is important to guarantee highest data quality for climate research and operational applications.

Geographic features and water bodies are distinguishable. According to the most recent land cover map by the North American Land Change Monitoring System (NALCMS), the scenes are dominated by mixed forest and temperate or sub-polar broadleaf deciduous forest.

The Saint Lawrence River meets the Ottawa River and continues northeast through Montreal and Quebec City. To the west of the scenes outside Ottawa city, is located the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) validation site CA-Bleu (peatland land cover).  Lake Champlain is conspicuous on the southeast of the scenes. Croplands along both sides of the Saint Lawrence River are clearly visible.

Copyright: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2018)/processed by University of Southampton