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Copernicus Sentinel-1 captures autumn "spring floods" in Southern Norway

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Floods in Jotunheimen

Title: Copernicus Sentinel-1 captures autumn "spring floods" in Southern Norway

Description: A combination of Copernicus Sentinel-1 radar images of 10 and 16 October 2018 clearly shows in blue the mountain areas where snow had completely melted away. On the Jostedalsbreen glacier and other glaciers in the Jotunheimen mountains, snow and ice became wet, as represented by yellow colours.

The resulting "spring flood" caused severe flooding in the surrounding valleys, for instance in the villages of Lom and Vågåmo. Also the movement of the dangerous Mannen rock formation intensified due to the enhanced water input and required evacuations from the valley underneath it.

Copyright: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2018)/processed by the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo

Map of flood location

Approximate location in Southern Norway of the radar image section shown above.

Initial Floating Portlet

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