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Close up of the South Central Pacific Ocean

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Title: Close up of the South Central Pacific Ocean

Description: In this area, where some icebergs drifted across the Antarctic Exclusion Zone, the AEZ (thick black line) was fixed on 17 December, thanks to the Copernicus Sentinel-1 SAR coverage a few days before the passage of the leader. Nearly one month later, around mid-January, some icebergs had drifted north of the AEZ. Given the expected long time-span between the passages of the first and last yachts in that area, this area was regularly monitored with additional RADARSAT-2 SAR images, and the last skippers were informed in due time of the presence of these icebergs.

Notably, Alexia Barrier (TSE-4MYPLANET, blue trajectory) largely bypassed that area. Copernicus Sentinel-1 and RADARSAT-2 footprints are in white and black respectively. The detected icebergs are the blue snowflakes, while their model-drifted positions are the green snowflakes. Orange rectangles indicate areas with significant probability of presence of icebergs.

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