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ESA developed free open source Toolboxes for the scientific exploitation of the Envisat, ERS and Third Party Missions - referred to as historical toolboxes. The main functionalities of these toolboxes are now included in the new Sentinel toolboxes.

ESA is also supporting the development of specialised tools such as the SAR Polarimetry toolbox (PolSARpro) to handle Fully Polarimetric SAR data scientific exploitation which supports a range of Third Party and, national missions as well as future ESA Earth Explorer mission, BIOMASS.

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PolSARpro is a toolbox for the scientific exploitation of polarimetric SAR data and a tool for high-level education in radar polarimetry.
Version 6.0 (Biomass Edition) is currently available.

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CFI Software

The Earth Observation CFI software is a collection of precompiled C libraries for timing, coordinate conversions, orbit propagation, satellite pointing calculations, and target visibility calculations.

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ESOV Software Tools (ESOV NG)

ESOV - the Earth Observation Swath and Orbit Visualisation tool - provides users with the means to visualise the instrument swaths of all ESA Earth Observation Satellites and assist in understanding where and when satellite measurements are being made and ground contact is possible.