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Combination of DInSAR and gravity meseaurements for the analysis of Etna volcano activity

06 December 2013

In this study the team combined time-dependent gravity and DinSAR ground deformation measurements demonstrating that are complementary to each other and their regular recording may disclose and clarify complex volcanic dynamics.

Their analysis focused on Etna where,since 1995, an extraordinary gravity and ground deformation data set, in terms of continuity and duration, has been gathered and where the availability of large SAR data archives, acquired from 1992 to 2010 by ERS/Envisat and since 2009 by COSMO-SkyMed satellites, enables to recognise, using the DinSAR technique on two sequences of interferograms ,the deformation evolution of significant portions of the Volcano with a high density of measurements over nearly 2 decades.

They jointly analyse and compare, for the first time, all the available gravity and DInSAR datasets covering the 1995 to 2011 period in order to detect and interpret common patterns in their spatiotemporal evolution. This longterm and high temporal resolution dataset constitutes a unique opportunity to examine the behaviour of Etna's southern flank in a period in which the volcano exhibited different styles of activity characterised by magma recharging, flank eruptions, and fountaining episodes.

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