Level-1 Single Look Complex

Sentinel-1 SAR Level-1 Single Look Complex

Single Look Complex products have spatial resolutions that depend on acquisition mode. In the table below for SLC SM/IW/EW products, the spatial resolutions and pixel spacing are provided at the lowest and highest incidence angles. For SLC WV products, the spatial resolution and pixel spacing are provided for the WV1 and WV2 imagettes.

The SM and WV SLC products are sampled at the natural pixel spacing, meaning that the pixel spacing is determined in azimuth by the pulse repetition frequency (PRF), and in range by the radar range sampling frequency.  Thus there will be slight variations around the orbit.

Note that spatial resolution is a measure of the system's ability to distinguish between adjacent targets while pixel spacing is the distance between adjacent pixels in an image, measured in metres.

The equivalent number of independent looks (ENL) for a given product type is intended to correspond to the number of equally weighted, statistically independent looks which would produce the same speckle statistics as the processing used to generate the product.

Table 1: Acquisition resolution Level-1 SLC
Mode Resolution
rg x az
Pixel spacing
rg x az
Number of looks ENL
SM 1.7x4.3 m to
3.6x4.9 m
1.5x3.6 m to
3.1x4.1 m
1x1 1
IW 2.7x22 m to
3.5x22 m
2.3x14.1 m 1x1 1
EW 7.9x43 m to
15x43 m
5.9x19.9 m 1x1 1
WV 2.0x4.8 m and
3.1x4.8 m
1.7x4.1 m and
2.7x4.1 m
1x1 1


IW and EW SLC products have all bursts in all sub-swaths are re-sampled to a common pixel spacing grid in range and azimuth.

Further information can be found in the Sentinel-1 Product Definition document, S1-RS-MDA-52-7440.

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