Products and Algorithms

Products and Algorithms

Level-0 is compressed raw data. The Level-0 product contains all the information required to generate the Level-1 (and upper) product levels.

Level-1A is uncompressed raw data with spectral bands coarsely coregistered and ancillary data appended.

Level-1B data is radiometrically corrected radiance data. The physical geometric model is refined using available ground control points and appended to the product, but not applied.

Note: Level-0, Level-1A and Level-1B products are not disseminated to Users.

Level-1C product provides orthorectified Top-Of-Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance, with sub-pixel multispectral registration. Cloud and land/water masks are included in the product.

Level-2A product provides orthorectified atmospherically corrected Surface Reflactance, with sub-pixel multispectral registration. A Scene Classification map (cloud, cloud shadows, vegetation, soils/deserts, water, snow, etc.) is included in the product.

Level-1C and Level-2A products are made available to users via the Copernicus Open Access Hub (SciHub).

Processing of SENTINEL-2 Data

The acquisition, processing, archiving and dissemination of Level-0 to Level-2A data will be performed by the Sentinel-2 Ground Segment.

Level-2A can be also performed by the User using the Sentinel-2 Toolbox.

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