SENTINEL Collaborative Data Products

Sentinel Collaborative Data Products

Complementary collaborative data products and algorithms definition.

Collaborative ground segments may offer product types (or product formats) in addition to those offered by the CSC core ground segment functions and to complement the Copernicus Service products. Potential products of interest for collaboration may be:

  • product algorithms tailored to a particular coverage or region
  • product algorithms tailored to specific services, like the generation of essential climate variables
  • generation of local/regional data sets with correction, projection, calibration, merging etc., different to the standardised data set offered by the CSC core ground segment
Volcano Monitoring
Volcano Monitoring Sentinel-1
Landslide risk monitoring
Landslide Risk Monitoring
SENTINEL-3 - complementary Level 2
Alternative algorithm
Alternative algorithm

National entities, EU agencies or even Copernicus core services, may at their own expense, provide such products.

These entities may develop products of interest for specific user communities beyond the GMES services (e.g. science) and establish operational distribution. Such activities could ensure continuity of initiatives exploiting data from previous missions.

Operational generation of collaborative products may be supported by implementation and operation of specific data flow interfaces with the core ground segment.


Sentinel-1 - Orthorectified
Wind statistics
SENTINEL-1 regional

Wind Statistics
Deforestation monitoring REDD
SENTINEL-1, 2 & 3

Deforestation Monitoring
Sea surface height
SENTINEL-3 altimetry

Sea surface height