Collaboration Categories

Sentinel-1/2/3 - Collaboration Categories

Sentinel Mission Data Acquisition and (NRT) Production

Local/regional stations complementing the core X-band and Ka-band station network with the following potential activities.

  • (NRT) data processing and distribution for Sentinel-1
  • Elaboration of (NRT) products tailored to particular coverage/region, particular services, etc.

Sentinel Collaborative Data Products

Definition, specification and generation of data products to complement the set of products provided by the core ground segment, potentially including:

  • higher level products than produced by the core ground segment
  • product/algorithms tailored to a particular coverage or region, services or user community
  • generation of local/regional data sets with correction, projection, calibration, merging etc., different to the standardised data set offered by the GSC core ground segment

Note: These activities are mainly foreseen for collaborative entities interested in specific ESA support such as provision of dedicated access links to core products, advertising, host processing, mutual cal/val support, access to collaborative product through GSC catalogue, etc.

Sentinel Data Product Dissemination and Access

Particular regional or thematic data access nodes and mechanisms, potentially including:

  • redistribution services of Sentinel products, systematically received from the core ground segment, becoming additional pick-up points (e.g. mirror sites)
  • regional online data servers and data pick-up points for specific user communities, etc.

Innovative Tools and Applications

Development of particular innovative tools or 'apps' by and for the general public.

Sentinel Complementary Calibration/Validation Activities

Complementary support to calibration and validation activities.