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Distribution of Ziziphus lotus and study area

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Title: Distribution of Ziziphus lotus and study area

Description: The upper panels show the official distribution of "Priority Habitat 5220*—Arborescent matorral with Ziziphus" in Europe (black squares; European Union Directive 92/43/EEC; European Environmental Agency, December 2015) and the records of Z. lotus contained in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (December 2016) in North Africa and the Middle East (grey triangles). The lower panel shows the study area (polygon with dashed line) in the semiarid coastal plain of Cabo de Gata‐Níjar Natural Park, in south‐east Spain, which was surrounded by greenhouses and urban sprawl in 2016. The zoomed images show details of a Ziziphus shrub.

Copyright: Map data: Google, DigitalGlobe. Guirado et al., 2018. Wiley/processed by Universities of Almería and Granada

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