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Comparisons of high winds

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Title: Comparisons of high winds

Description: Comparison of RADARSAT-2 and Copernicus Sentinel-1A images acquired 1 minute apart over Tropical Cyclone Hector and with an incidence angle difference of 5°.

Top image - RADARSAT-2 image, with a wider swath (500 km) almost covers the entire Copernicus Sentinel-1A image (400 km swath). The transect along the magenta line and across the eye is plotted on the bottom image.

Bottom image - Cross-polarisation channels averaged at 3 km indicate a very good agreement between the satellites, clearly depicting the eye.

Copyright: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2018)/Contains RADARSAT-2 data from Maxar whose access was granted by GIS BreTel