Acquisition Plans

Sentinel-2 Acquisition Plans

The KML files available on this page provide detailed information about the planned SENTINEL-2 acquisitions. See the archive for a full list of older KML files, dating back to November 2015.

KML files available:

Frequency and coverage of KML files

  • Each KML file usually covers a period of 10-15 days. The start and stop time of the planning information contained in the KML is defined in the KML file name
  • Updated KML files will be provided in case of changes to the planning defined by a previously published KML file
  • New KML files will be regularly provided to cover the next mission cycle/s, typically every week.

Information provided by the KML files

The KML files display the footprint of the planned data takes on a map using the following convention:

  • Planned data takes in Nominal mode
  • Planned data takes in Vicarious mode
  • Planned data takes in Calibration mode.

Only Nominal mode data takes are distributed to Users.

It is further highlighted that the KML display in the Google Earth client shows the SENTINEL-2 acquisitions along a simplified swath (constructed by simply linking the four corners of the image acquisition strip) that might not match precisely the actual swath in the corresponding products.

In order to track the position of the SENTINEL-2 satellites in real-time you can download the SENTINEL App available on iTunes and Google.