POE-F orbit standard used for Copernicus Sentinel-3 STM data products

14 November 2018

Since the 11 of November 2018, the Copernicus S3 Altimetry data products [STC timeliness] are generated with new POE-F standard orbit products.

The first Copernicus S3A & S3B STM products [STC timeliness] generated using the new POE-F orbit products are:

  •  S3A_SR_1_SRA____20181111T222059_20181111T231128_20181113T144946_3029_038_029______LN3_O_ST_003.SEN3
  •  S3A_SR_2_LAN____20181111T222059_20181111T231123_20181113T165032_3024_038_029______LN3_O_ST_003.SEN3
  •  S3B_SR_1_SRA____20181111T224346_20181111T233416_20181113T153652_3029_017_030______LN3_O_ST_003.SEN3
  •  S3B_SR_2_LAN____20181111T224346_20181111T233415_20181113T155325_3029_017_030______LN3_O_ST_003.SEN3

Information on the POE-F orbit standard and associated improved performances is available from the Technical Note "Sentinel-3 - Upgrade from POE-E to POE-F orbit standard for Sentinel-3 mission".

The Copernicus S3 Altimetry data products [NTC timeliness] shall be generated with the new NTC POE-F standard orbit products starting from the beginning of S3A cycle 38 for both S3A and S3B missions. Copernicus Sentinel-3A cycle 38 starts at 2018/11/09 – 21:57:30 with absolute orbit 14219.

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