Naming Conventions

SENTINEL-3 Altimetry Naming Conventions

The SRAL/MWR Level-2 product file name (see this document for more details) is defined according to the following convention:

MMM_SS_L_TTTTTT_yyyymmddThhmmss_YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS__YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS_<instance ID>_GGG_<class id>.<extension>

  • MMM: mission ID: (e.g. S3A for Sentinel-3A mission, S3B for Sentinel-3B mission, S3_ for both Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B missions).
  • SS: data source for the instrument data (e.g. SR for SRAL, DO for DORIS, MW for MWR and GN for GNSS) or the data consumer of the auxiliary data (e.g. AX for multi instrument auxiliary data).
  • L: processing level: one digit or one underscore "_" (e.g.: "2" for Level-2 products, "1" for Level-1 products,  "0" for Level-0 products or underscore "_" if processing level is not applicable).
  • TTTTTT: data type ID:
    • Level2  SRAL data: "LAN___" for Land products and "WAT___" for water products.
    • Level 1 SRAL data: "SRA___" for LRM, SAR Ku and SAR C products  and "CAL___" for calibration products
    • The last 2 digits suffix indicates  "AX" for an auxiliary data and "BW" for a browse product. 
  • yyyymmddThhmmss: Data Start time.
  • YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS: Data Stop time.
  • YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS is the creation date of the product
  • <instance ID>: DDD_CCC_LLL_____, either upper-case letters or digits or underscores "_".
    • DDDD: orbit duration Sensing data time interval in seconds.
    • CCC: cycle number at the start sensing time of the product
    • LLL: relative orbit number within the cycle at the start sensing time of the product
    • 4 underscores "_"
  • GGG: product generating centre: three characters (e.g. "LN3" for Land Surface Topography Mission Processing and Archiving Centre and "MAR" for Marine Processing and Archiving Centre).
  • <class id>: platform, eight characters, either upper-case letters or digits or underscores: P_XX_NNN, where:
    • P = one upper-case letter indicating the platform (e.g. O for operational, F for reference, D for development, R for reprocessing or one underscore"_" if not relevant).
    • XX = two upper-case letters/digits indicating the timeliness of the processing workflow (e.g. NR for NRT, ST for STC, NT for NTC or two underscores"__" if not relevant).
    • NNN: three letters/digits. Free text for indicating the baseline collection (001, 002,... .) or data usage(e.g. test, GSV, etc) or three underscores"_" if not relevant.
  • <extension>: the adopted filename extension is "SEN3"

Examples of filenames:

  • S3A_SR_2_WAT____20150101T102500_20150101T114000_20150101T115000_
  • S3A_SR_2_LAN____20150101T102500_20150101T114000_20150101T115000_
  • S3A_SR_1_SRA____20150101T102500_20150101T114000_20150101T115000_
  • S3A_SR_1_CAL____20150101T102500_20150101T114000_20150101T115000_

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