Sentinel-3 SLSTR Processing Baseline

Sentinel-3 SLSTR Processing Baseline

The following table summarises the evolutions of the processing baseline used to process Sentinel-3 SLSTR data since July 2016, end of commissioning phase.

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Processing Baseline
(S3A / S3B)

IPF Version


Date of deployment


SL_1: 06.20

  • Minor update to account for S3C and S3D

S3A: 12/12/2022 S3B: 10/01/2023


SL_2_LST 06.21
SL_2_FRP 01.08

  • Minor updates

23-Aug-2022 for S3A
5-Sep-2022 for S3B


SL_2_FRP 01.07

  • Processing baseline number in the manifest and products
  • Degradation flag from L1 included
  • Evolutions of the processor in v2.0 (see product notice)



SL_1 06.19
SL_2_LST: 06.20

  • Corrections/changes in L1:
    • Errors in Met field descriptors corrected
    • False flagging of saturation in S8 for SLSTR-A
    • Wrong computation of MissingElements associated with F1
    • Problem in Met_tx sea surface temperature fill value
    • Inclusion of a Switch around Bayesian and Probabilistic cloud module in SLSTR
    • Level 1: processing baseline number in the manifest and products
  • Corrections/changes in L2:
    • replacing SLSTR L2 LST summary cloud by probabilistic cloud mask
    • Inclusion of the SLSTR Probabilistic Cloud module
2.77 / 1.55 SL_1 06.17
  • SL_2_LST
    • Update of the snow masking module
    • Full Uncertainties in SLSTR LST product
2.75 / 1.53 SL_1 06.18
  • Handling of maneuvers
  • Corrections of bugs
2.73 / 1.50 SL_1 06.17
  • Update the SLSTR L1 probabilistic cloud mask ADF
2.70 / 1.46 SL_2_FRP 01.04
  • New SLSTR FRP delivered in NTC timeliness
1.40-B SL_1 v06.17
  • This version corrects the upper BT limit for the SLSTR-B S7 oblique view channel

2.61 / 1.33

SL_2 v06.16

  • Disable SLSTR c-stripe images
  • SLSTR L1/L2 Products Baseline Collection (BC) set to 004
  • Correction of incorrect IPF implementation of probabilistic cloud mask


2.59 / 1.31

SL_1 v06.17

  • Revised ortho-regridding of all channels and revised geo-referencing of SLSTR F1 fire channel
  • Improved geometric calibration for the oblique view
  • Improved S7 BT upper limit, temporal
  • Interpolation of ECMWF meteorological fields
  • Improved quality checks during decontamination and black body crossover tests
  • Removal of the c stripe (time domain integrated) from product, improved flags, and update of several NetCDF variable attributes.
  • Baseline collection (parameter within the filename) has been incremented from 003 to 004 due to the implementation of the new regridding and the change in the product format. 


2.47 / 1.19

SL_1 v06.16
SL_2 v06.14

  • S3A SL_2 update
    • The LST retrieval algorithm has been generated with a new set of retrieval coefficients which utilises an enhanced approach to simulating the across track variation in LST performance when generating the coefficients.
    • Implementation of the new retrieval coefficients has improved the performance of the S3A LST product with respect to intercomparison against operational LSA SAF SEVIRI LST
  • S3B SL_2 update
    • The LST retrieval algorithm has been generated with a set of retrieval coefficients which utilises an enhanced approach to simulating the across track variation in LST  performance when generating the coefficients.
    • Implementation of the retrieval coefficients has improved the comparability between S3A and S3B LST during the Tandem Phase



SL_1 v06.16
SL_2 v06.14

  • SL_1 update
    • The baseline collection for SLSTR chain will be changed from 002 to 003
    • Deactivation of the SWIR TDI switches and new skt parameter
    • Disable SLSTR c-stripe images
    • Use of SST/skin temperature in Probabilistic and Bayesian Cloud detection
    • Bug corrections
  • SL_2 update
    • IPF SL2 deactivate the TDI reading when not present in SL1 input
    • Bug corrections



SL_1 v06.15
SL_2 v06.12

  • Evolution of cloud algorithm, SPR fixes, New SCCDB (geometric calibration of oblique view)
  • Correction of the 1° discrepancy in the sun zenith angle computed in SL_1 compared to OL_1
  • Correction of strip missing in sunglint flag
  • Correction of fill values not correctly set in SL1 meteo annotations
  • Correction of data flagged as "no_parameters" which should not be included in L1 image
  • Correction of incorrect Specific Humidity profiles and pressure levels in met fields
  • Correction of large scale histogram test problems
  • Insertion of radiometric uncertainties for SLSTR channels S1-S6 for channel ADFs

Before 04-Apr-2018


Sentinel-3A SLSTR Processing Baseline Timeline

Sentinel-3A timeline


Sentinel-3B SLSTR Processing Baseline Timeline

Sentinel-3B timeline

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