Fire characterisation

For each confirmed fire pixel having a valid number of background pixels, this process calculates the Fire Radiative Power (FRP). FRP is only quantifiable if the background characterisation has succeeded and if the fire has been confirmed by either absolute or contextual threshold tests, and no sun glint or desert has been detected.

This section is divided into several steps.

  1. FRP determination, using the ground projection area of the sensor Field of View (FOV), S7 spectral radiance of the fire pixel and the mean spectral radiance of the valid background window pixels.
  2. FRP uncertainty estimation. Uncertainty is an estimate of the total direct effect of uncertainties in the terms contributing to the fire radiative power equation.
  3. Fire pixel detection confidence, defined according to a combination of the absolute and relative fire pixel signals, and to the number of near-neighbouring cloud and water pixels (fire pixels detected close to such features are more likely to be false detections due to sun glint or other non-fire effects).
  4. Fire pixel coordinates.
  5. Fire pixel classification.