Over the last few months, a chunk of Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf has been hanging on precariously as a deep crack cut across the ice. Witnessed by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission, a lump of ice more than twice the size of Luxembourg has now broken off, spawning one of the largest icebergs on record and changing the outline of the Antarctic Peninsula forever.

Sentinel-1B was unavailable on 08 July 2017 between 05:21 UTC and 10:15 UTC, due to a SAR anomaly. No data were generated during this period.

Sentinel-1A was unavailable on 07 July 2017 between 02:20 UTC and 10:30 UTC, due to a PDHT anomaly.

With its unique sensor and frequent revisit cycle, the Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite can measure sea level in locations where not previously possible.

With the Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite fully fledged and its data freely available, the task of monitoring and understanding our changing planet has been made that much easier. Seeing the effect spring has on our plant life is just one of its many uses.

ESA is pleased to announce the first official release of Sentinel-3A OLCI Level 2 data products in the Sentinel Data Hub.

ESA is pleased to announce the first official release of Sentinel-3A SLSTR Level 2 data products in the Sentinel Data Hub.

A new L1B Processing Baseline 2.17 has been released for SLSTR and OLCI at 13:15 UTC 5/7/2017.

Following the successful completion of the Sentinel-2B satellite in-orbit commissioning phase, we are happy to announce that access to Sentinel-2B Level-1C products will be opened to all users on 6 July.

The Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (F-TEP) has now entered the pre-operations phase, providing initial services for Forest Change, Land Cover, Biomass and Vegetation Indices as well as interactive toolboxes. Data is available from Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Landsat.

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Share your stories

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Calling on all interested users of Sentinel data, who would like to submit their results, turning their experiences into 'success stories'.

If you have a good story to tell, of how any of the Sentinel satellites are producing data that bring benefit to your work and/or to society, please contact the Sentinel Online Editors at: with your proposals.