Big Data from Space 2023 (BiDS) brings together key actors from industry, academia, EU entities and government to reveal user needs, exchange ideas and showcase latest technical solutions and applications touching all aspects of space and big data technologies. BiDS provides a premier opportunity for practitioners, researchers, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, as well as practical challenges encountered in the context of big data from space.

The 2023 edition of BiDS will focus not only on the technologies enabling insight and foresight inferable from big data, but will emphasize how these technologies impact society. Today, access to global, free, and open Earth Observation (EO) data is complemented with new initiatives such as the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, the Destination Earth (DestinE) and ESA’s related Digital Twin Earth program, which will foster generating additional value and impact. Promoting trust in big data for policy interactions, insight and foresight enabled by the evolving geospatial data ecosystem should be transparent, sound, and reproducible with associated quality assurance, building on open data and methodologies.