500m (VNIR/SWIR)

SENTINEL-3 SLSTR 500 m Spatial Resolution

The visible and ShortWave Infra-Red (SWIR) channels S1 - S6 are collected and stored at 500 m resolution.

The SLSTR detectors are located in a Focal Plane Assembly (FPA). The figure below shows the relative orientations and nominal sizes of the SLSTR nadir view detector Instantaneous Fields Of View (IFOVs) at the sub-satellite track position. The X-axis is the nadir scan direction, the Y-axis is the direction of flight and O is the principal ray. The rightmost four detector elements (blue with a solid outline) are implemented in all six channels, while the remainder (green with a dashed outline) are only present in channels S4 - S6.

Figure 1: SLSTR Detector Configuration
500 m Spatial Resolution Channels S1 - S6 (VIS/NIR to SWIR)

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