Minimize Level-2 FRP and AOD


The SLSTR Level-2 FRP product will provide one measurement data file with Fire Radiative Power (FRP) values and associated parameters generated for each fire detected over the SLSTR 1 km grid, plus a number of annotation data file including information in support of the measurement data files, on a global scale.

The measurement data file will include:

  • FRP and its uncertainty
  • TCWV above fire
  • transmittance
  • projected area of detector IFOV on surface
  • glint angle (i.e. the angle between nadir view and specular direction)
  • associated across and along track coordinates
  • associated time and geographical coordinates
  • fire detection confidence
  • hotspot classification code
  • background window size
  • flags

The annotation data sets will provide:

  • meteorological annotations
  • cartesian and geodetic coordinates associated with the radiometric measurements and to the tie-points grid defined for SLSTR
  • geometry information
  • quality flags


The SLSTR Level-2 AOD product will provide one measurement data file gathering all retrieved and derived aerosol parameters associated with the SLSTR solar channels (except 1375 nm dedicated to cloud detection) and associated parameters.

The data file is based upon the acquisition grid of SLSTR nadir images, but the SLSTR L1b grid is then binned to super-pixels of 9x9 pixels, with a resolution of 4.5 km. The position and time of the centre pixel of each super-pixel, in addition to the position of the corner pixels, are included in this measurement file. No annotation data set is provided.

The measurement data file will include:

  • Aerosol optical thickness and related uncertainty at the selected SLSTR channels
  • fine-mode aerosol optical depth at 550 nm
  • Aerosol Angstrom exponent between 550 and 865 nm
  • Dust aerosol optical thickness at 550 nm
  • Aerosol absorption optical thickness at 550 nm
  • Aerosol single scattering albedo at the selected SLSTR channels
  • Surface directional reflectance (BRF) at the selected SLSTR channels
  • Associated time and geographical coordinates
  • Plus other parameters provided at the corners of the super-pixel

Note: The SLSTR L2 AOD product is generated in NRT only. An offline (NTC) AOD product will be generated by the processing chain exploiting the synergy between the SLSTR and OLCI instruments.