Minimize Level-2 FRP and AOD

The Fire Radiative Product (FRP) will provide one measurement data file with Fire Radiative Power (FRP) values and associated parameters (FRP parameters are given only for each hotspot found on the 1 km measurement grid). It will include:

  • FRP and its total uncertainty
  • TCWV above fire
  • transmittance
  • projected area of detector IFOV on surface
  • glint angle (i.e. the angle between nadir view and specular direction)
  • associated across and along track coordinates
  • time and geographical coordinates
  • fire detection confidence
  • hotspot classification code
  • background window size.

The Aerosol Optical Depth Product (AOD): will provide one measurement data file with:

  • Aerosol load, expressed in optical thickness at a wavelength of 550 nm.
  • Estimated Angstrom exponent at a reference waveband of 550 nm. and the associated uncertainties
  • It will also include Aerosol Model Index Number (AMIN). This value is an integer number in the table of 40 (tbc) aerosol models used for the atmospheric correction. Zero value indicates missing data.