Sentinel-3 OLCI Units Definition

The table below summarises the geophysical units used in the OLCI Level-2 products.

Table 1: Units of OLCI Level-2 products
  Product Name Acronym Units
MARINE AND INLAND WATERS water-leaving reflectance Rxxx dimensionless
Total backscattering coefficient BBP560_M07
Total absorption coefficient ATOT443_NN m-1
Phytoplankton absorption coefficient APH443_NN m-1
CDM absorption coefficient ADG443_NN m-1
Humic material absorption coefficient AD443_NN m-1
Algal pigment concentration CHL_OC4ME
mg(Chl a).m-3
Total suspended matter concentration TSM_NN g.m-3
Diffuse attenuation coefficient KD490_M07
Heated layer depth ZHL m
Water transparency ZSD m
Photosynthetically active radiation PAR µEinstein.m-2.s-1
Aerosol optical thickness T865 Dimensionless
Aerosol Angström exponent A865 Dimensionless
Integrated water vapour column IWV kg.m-2
Ocean products quality and science flags WQSF Dimensionless
LAND Green Instantaneous Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation GI-FAPAR Dimensionless
Rectified Reflectance RC681, RC865 Dimensionless
OLCI Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index OTCI Dimensionless
Integrated water vapour column IWV kg.m-2
Land products quality and science flags LQSF Dimensionless


Other general quantities have the units shown in the table below.

Table 2: General quantities and their units
Quantity Unit Notation Description
Irradiance 10-3 W.m-2.μm-1 IU spectral irradiance unit
Radiance 10-3 W.m-2.sr-1.μm-1 LU spectral radiance unit
Time jd or MJD jd or MJD modified Julian date 2000
10-6s (1.e-6)s microsecond
Distance 10-9m nm nanometre (wavelength)
10-6m μm micrometre (wavelength)
m m metre
103m km kilometre
Percentage % % percentage
Temperature K K degree Kelvin
C C degree Celsius
Angle ° deg degree
rad rad radian
Solid Angle sr sr steradian
Pressure hPa hPa hectoPascal
Ozone kg.m-2 kg.m-2 kilogram per square metre
Dimensionless quantities nc nc numerical counts
dl dl dimensionless
Multiple dimension quantities md md table constituted with different
physical parameters having
different units

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