Minimize Climate and Seasonal Forecasting
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Satellites are a vital tool for monitoring the climate and how it can affect weather seasons, leading to phenomena such as the "El Nino". This is useful for forecasting potential weather systems.


SENTINEL-3's OLCI and SLSTR instruments  will provide data for climate modelling and impact studies. The ALT instument will support Climate & Seasonal Forecasting, and the mission will also undertake monitoring of river and lake levels, and contribute to flood monitoring studies. More on SENTINEL-3's marine monitoring applications can be found here (OLCI) and here (SLSTR)

Minimize Thematic Results

Mesoscale marine atmospheric boundary layer phenomena observed by Envisat ASAR

24 February 2014

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Mesoscale marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL) phenomena are frequently observed by satellite sensors. They appear either as organised cloud patterns in visible-infrared satellite images or as coherent patterns on the sea surface in microwave synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images.

Both atmospheric gravity waves (AGW) and marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL) rolls are simultaneously observed on an Envisat advanced synthetic aperture radar (ASAR) image acquired along the China coast on 22 May 2005. The sea surface imprints of AGW show the patterns of both a transverse wave along the coastal plain and a diverging wave in the lee of Mount Laoshan (1133m peak), which indicate that terrain forcing affects the formation of AGW.

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