VGT S products

The Level-2 VG1 and V10 SYN products, SY_2_VG1 and SY_2_V10 respectively, are outputted by the VGT-S processor and contain 1 km VEGETATION-like product 1 and 10 days synthesis, surface reflectances and NDVI values.

The product grid and the four spectral bands are similar to those for SYN Level-2 VGT-P product.

These products are a maximum NDVI value composite of ground reflectance measurements of all segments received during one or ten days for the entire surface of the Earth.

The NDVI is provided. It is derived from the B3 and B2 channels and can be defined as an indicator of the amount of vegetation (Note that this description could be modified accordingly to the results obtained from investigations performed during coming evolutions).

The parameters included in annotation files are similar to the ones included in the SYN Level-2 VGT-P package, with the exception of synthesis time. However, in this product, annotation data are provided for each pixel and not on a sub-sampled grid.


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