VGT-S Algorithm Overview

The VGT-S 1 km products (SY_2_VG1 and SY_2_V10) respectively contain the Single ‘best' value for TOA reflectance at the four VGT channels over a 1 day period, and the Maximum value composite over a 10 day period at the four VGT channels.

The VGT-S processing occurs after the VGT processing, which is included in the global SYN Level 1-2 processing. During this step, the collocated data produced during L1 processing and the surface reflectance derived during VGT-P processing, gathered in VGK product, are analysed.

The SY_2_VG1 and SY_2_V10 Level-2 products have the same structure. They are composed by 14 files: 5 containing the measurements whereas the other 9 files contain the annotation data.

A Browse Product (SY_2_VG1_BW or SY_2_V10_BW) is also generated. The Browse product is based on Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) scientific data and is a composite of fully atmosphere-corrected Surface Reflectances.

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