Minimize SYN Level 2 Processing
One ADF is used during the specific SYN Level-2 section:
  • The SYN Level-2 Radiative Transfer Simulation data file provides physical and optical properties of aerosol derived from a set of 40 predefined aerosol mixtures. For each of these models, the ADF provides the Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance for zero surface reflectance, the atmospheric transmission, the atmospheric bi-hemispherical albedo at 550 nm, the fraction of the diffuse irradiance and the ozone correction factor. This ADF is also used to compute aerosol Angstrom exponent at 550 nm for all aerosol models.

Note: in the frame of coming evolutions , a specific ADF associated with Global aerosol algorithm could be added. The content and the definition of this ADF are not yet defined.