Processing Control Parameters

The SYN Level-1 processing control parameter file contains all parameters necessary to control Level-1 processing, including:
  • the OLCI and SLSTR reference bands
  • switches allowing a choice of the SLSTR Level-1B SWIR sub-bands (A, B or TDI) to be processed at Level-1C and applicable to the two SLSTR views
  • a switch to choose the method for selecting the GCPs in the processed image (from a database, with steps given, with the number of GCPs given or from an external file) and the dedicated parameters for creating the GCP database
  • several parameters and thresholds used in GCP rejection tests and several switches enabling computation of the different tests
  • parameters associated with Shannon and bi-cubic interpolation
  • parameters associated with specific Level-1C functions (direct ortho-geolocation and inverse geolocation function)
  • scale factors and add-offsets associated with outputted variables.


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